The purpose of the internship program at Historic Stagville is to provide students with experience working at one of North Carolina’s most unique historic sites. Individuals have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, all of which are transferable to careers in both public and private sectors.

  • Customer Service
  • Public Speaking
  • Program Development
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Management
  • Research
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Facilities Management

Internships at Historic Stagville have a minimum requirement of 150 hours. Interns are expected to spend several hours at Historic Stagville each week. The exact days of work will be decided upon between the Assistant Site Manager and the intern at the start of the internship.

The general outline and duties of interns are:

Weeks 1-2: Interns will read over tour information and follow experienced docents giving public tours. By the end of week 2, interns should be able to independently lead tours of Historic Stagville.

Weeks 3-6: Interns will submit an Internship Project Proposal to the Assistant Site Manager for approval. Work on the Internship Project should begin as soon as the project is approved.

Weeks 7-11: Interns will develop, research, and produce an Internship Project with the Assistant Site Manager assisting as needed. All projects should have a tangible aspect, such as a display, notebook, etc., for use in the Visitors’ Center that evidences their work and that visitors can access.

Week 12-16:Interns will complete and present the Internship Project. Interns will complete an internship evaluation and participate in a self-evaluation session with the Assistant Site Manager.

Additional Requirements:

A weekly journal should be submitted to the Assistant Site Manager. This is a short, one to two page summary of what the intern completed that week. This should include what you have done at the site, any new things you have learned, and any revelations concerning the Internship Project, etc. Journal entries should be submitted before the beginning of the following week of work to

Newsletter Article
Interns will write an academic article for the Bennehan Bulletin. The article should be approximately 500 words. The topic must relate to Stagville, but can vary on any aspect of antebellum life. The final topic will be decided on between the intern and the Assistant Site Manager.

Interns will interview one museum or public history professional. Beneficial interviewees will be discussed between the Assistant Site Manager and the intern. Interview questions should be submitted to the Assistant Site Manager prior to the interview, which will be conducted outside of regular internship hours. After the interview, the intern will submit a one to two page reflection on what the intern gained from the experience.

Throughout the internship, interns will be expected to give public tours and assist in the gift shop as needed when on site.

**The above are minimum requirements for internships at Historic Stagville. Internships done in conjunction with a degree fulfilling requirement may require additional work and, in most cases, will take precedence over Historic Stagville internship requirements. The Assistant Site Manager will work with the intern in finalizing internship requirements.

Interns are encouraged to develop their own ideas for internship projects. The internship should allow the intern to participate in an activity he or she enjoys, while also furthering the mission of Historic Stagville. Previous internships have been in the areas of education, genealogy, and research. Below are some possible internship project ideas.

Design or assist in updating education programs for the site. These programs could be grade specific, home school focused, or simply family friendly activities to be enjoyed by all.

Interns interested in genealogical research will be primarily involved in expanding Historic Stagville’s genealogical database. Our enslaved descendant database contains over 2500 names. In addition, there are many branches of the Cameron family that need to be researched and recorded. Interns interested in genealogical research will be responsible for:

  • Making a significant contribution to either the enslaved descendant or Cameron family tree database
  • Making the general public aware of this ongoing project by making contact with existing groups that may be interested
  • Creating a display, notebook, or some other representation for use in the Visitors’ Center that evidences their contribution
  • Participating at a public event and highlighting, promoting, and explaining the genealogy project

Interns interested in research will be primarily involved in undertaking a research project of their own choosing. There are many areas about Historic Stagville that remain under-researched. Interns interested in independent research will be responsible for:

  • Making a significant contribution to ongoing research
  • Creating a display, notebook, etc., for use in the Visitors’ Center that evidences their work and that visitors can access

Thank you for showing interest in interning at Historic Stagville. We look forward to working with you!


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