The staff at Historic Stagville has been compiling information about the African American community at Stagville, putting the names into a format that would be useful to family genealogists.  There is currently a 300+ page document that lists all known people that lived in the African American community at Stagville before the Civil War.  These people are listed in alphabetical order by first name.  This information is now being entered into a family tree software program.  Once we have entered the names into this program, we are able to discover family groupings, marriages, and we have been able to give some sense of order to this large list of names.

The button on this page is a link to this family tree project as it stands today.  There is such a large amount of information, that despite having entered over 150 names into the program, we have not yet entered more than 10% of the names yet.  Therefore, we will be updating this information as we  work on this project, and as we are given more information by descendants of the African American community that lived at Stagville before the Civil War.

At the site, we have a large family tree that takes up an entire wall of the visitor center.  This family tree has all of the names we have worked on so far.  This exhibit is also going to be constantly changed and enlarged.

If you have any information that you could share with the Stagville staff regarding this project, please contact the site at (919) 620-0120.  We are looking for names, dates, photographs, or any other information that you are willing to share.  We hope to eventually have a large database that we can share with family historians.  Someday, when a person finds their family member’s name, they will be able to click on it and find all of that person’s vital information, any letters the person wrote, and photographs of that person.  This type of database would be valuable to family historians.

Family Tree (External Link) 


Common Names:

  • Cameron
  • Edwards
  • Harris
  • Hart
  • Haskins
  • Holman
  • Jones
  • Justice
  • Moore
  • Peaks
  • Sowell
  • Suitt
  • Umstead
  • Veasey
  • Whitted

This is an abbreviated list.  There are also DAYEs/DAYs who are looking to connect with family members.

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